Buddy Bolden Radio Excerpt

Buddy Bolden Radio Play excerpt

buddy bolden 1905Legend has it that the New Orleans trumpeter, Buddy Bolden invented jazz . There is not a single note recorded of his music, though legend also has it that somewhere there is lost tape. My play imagines that a Cardiff musician from Tiger Bay once had his trumpet and lost it in a bet. Now in a care home, he wants it back.

I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Shout

Sunday 12 February 2006 20:15-21:30 (Radio 3)

By Laurence Allan.

Summertime Jones, an old time jazz enthusiast, sets off on a quest from Tiger Bay in Cardiff to the US. As Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans, Summertime tries to reach his city of dreams.

Buddy Bolden is one of the original greats of the American jazz scene and this musical road movie captures the spirit of Bolden.


1 hour 15 minutes


Summertime …… Lennie James
Buzz …… Joanna Griffiths
Cordelli …… Kerry Shale
Brady …… Colin Stinton
Lips …… Ram John Holder
Freddie …… Jim Findley
Elaine/Susan …… Carolyn Pickles
Dermot/Willy …… Patrick Brennan
Kid …… Benjamin Mackenzie

Original jazz music composed by Rob Smith.

Claude Deppa (cornet/trumpet/flugel horn)
Gareth Roberts (trombone)
Rob Smith (saxophone, clarinet)

Director Kate Rowland.


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