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To ride is to be. To write is to leave a mark!

Beefy Jenkins – Colossus of Cwmaman

Beefy Jenkins, the colossus of Cwmaman, died 18 years ago not long after he turned 40. He had osteogenesis imperfecta – or brittle bone disease and wasn’t expected to live more than four months let alone four years. He packed more into those forty years than most of us manage in one – including more  Read More…

This entry was posted on March 19, 2018.


I spent the summer with The Changang toiling on the second part of the trilogy WE LIVE. It was supposed to be called Reason To Believe  but wriggled onto the stage at The Factory as Gimme Some Truth. All around us things were changing but everything stayed the same. There was a General Election when  Read More…

A Chance to Get Involved

Future Plans – REASON TO BELIEVE is the second stage of a trilogy of work entitled WE LIVE, inspired by the Lewis Jones trilogy of novels of the same name, that began last year with a production of a play for young people written & directed by Larry Allan, MORE THAN JUST A GAME that  Read More…

This entry was posted on May 26, 2015.

The Forgotten Hero – Arthur Linton – Welsh World Champion

I have been riding a bike seriously for twenty years and up until recently it has been seen as the pursuit of the mad, sad obsessive. But suddenly cycling is the new black and the MAMIL  (middle aged man in lycra) is the new mondeo man – seen everywhere and hated by everyone. Cyclists top  Read More…

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‘Come to Ynysybwl’ said Tony Burnell, ‘it’s twenty five years since they closed Lady Windsor Colliery and we’re having a festival. You can do something with the kids.’ Over forty years ago Tony had organised a bus to take a gang of teenage hippies to see the Pink Floyd at the Afan Lido in Aberavon.  Read More…

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BIKE BLOG 1st June 2013

Why don’t writers look out of the window in the morning? Because they’d have nothing to do in the afternoon. This is the only writers’ joke I know and it’s not really that funny and neither is it true, because I always look out of the window in the morning to check whether I can  Read More…

Writing on a Bicycle

The Heron and Rosanna “Teach me how to cycle And I’ll teach you how to glide,” Said the heron to Rosanna By the sunny waterside.  Impossible, impossible, But wait, look over there: The heron on the saddle   And Rosanna in the air By Richard Edward from Moon Frog (with thanks to: