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Review of On the Road Again

On the Road Again inhabits territory which has already been busily colonised by Ed Thomas. Two poetic drifters; a derelict caravan; dreams of leaving for an American pastoral. Allan gives his two chancers – Beefy and Rich – a lyrical depth. Their memories are wistful and whiskery: they argue over a dancing dog in Doncaster and the fate of their radio, “won from that seafaring fellow in Bristol”. It’s the most touching and humane of the three plays, perhaps because many of its effects are understated. We’re all with Rich when he declares that “dreams are the business”.

Reviewer Peter Morgan



Every play I have written has been for film or television but only one has been produced on the small screen. Every other piece of drama I have had to adapt for theatre and radio.

Growing up, my world was shaped by the big screen and the little blue light in the corner of the room. It was a world peopled by cowboys, cops, gangsters and residents of Coronation Street. They did not strut the boards of any theatre but walked tall on the big screen or flickered to life in a black and white fish bowl. It’s all I knew . So when people walk out of the theatre after seeing one of my plays saying that would make great Tv or film, I already know. They were the pictures in my head. And sometimes they’ve made better theatre, and other times – who knows?


1995    BBC 2 Wales TV my television debut with ‘Rainbow Chaser’ directed by Clive Flowers, starring the late great Beefy Jenkins

1998             King of the Mountains’ 90’ screenplay that follows disaffected kids from Dowlais Top (Merthyr Tydfil) to the top of Mont Ventoux on bicycles. BBC Wales commissioned and waiting to be unleashed.

2000                The Mountain – BBC 2 Xcel – Documentary subject – L’Etape du Tour – taking the writer from Ponty nearly to the top of Mont Ventoux