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This is a short film made by Newport students who went on to form the production company LIKE AN EGG headed by Keiran McGaughey.  I only play a small part and it’s here mainly because it includes performances by Dorien Thomas and Brian Hibbard who died far too young last year. I’ve worked with them both  a lot and they were both huge talents and their involvement in this low profile film demonstrates they were never beyond supporting the next generation of talent. I know Brian and Dorien would wish LIKE AN EGG all the success I know is coming their way.

The Magic Box

I was asked to write the script for a film about the magic of play. Hutchings HQ donated Valleys Kids a van to be used for outreach play and with the support from Arts & Business Cymru, Valleys Kids Friends and supporters grew the Magic Box. The inimitable Boyd Clack voiced it and played a cameo role… not typecast of course. Like an Egg did a fine job bringing it to life