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Published Plays

Three Plays by Laurence Allan front coverbook

On The Road Again

The Best Years of Our Lives

Cradle to the Grave

Published by Seren Books -  Edited by Brian Mitchell

On The Road Again

Two hapless buddies, Rich and Beefy, fight, swop stories, recall good times and bad, trade lies, insults and meagre possessions. Will their friendship survive a notice to evict them from the squalid Splott caravan they call home? This lively, funny short play is a Laurence Allan classic.

The Best Years of our Lives opens with the closure of the last coalmine in Wales. Ex-miner Neil thinks the future for him and his wife Glen lies in a new suburb, a new job and the spurious ‘Heritage Trail’ envisioned by neighbours, Rob and Fiona. Then Glen’s dad Clem goes on hunger strike. Glen starts turning Japanese and before you know it, a plot is hatched to kidnap the Secretary of State for Wales

Cradle to the Grave – commissioned to mark the 50th Anniversary of the National Health Service charts the painful misadventures of a private patient named Nye Bevan, mistakenly transferred to an NHS hospital that has just closed, where he encounters an enraged flower-seller, maladroit administrators, a drunken doctor and two salvage men wielding chainsaws. This play is a brilliant satire on the beleaguered state of the Health Service.

To get your own copy, email – larryallanjones@gmail.com

Theatre Plays

Excerpt from: The New Companion to the Literature of Wales – editor Meic Stephens

‘Born 1954 in Pontypridd, Mid Glamorgan. His passionate, humane and sometimes angry concern for the plight of ordinary people is evident in much of his writing. Above all he articulates feelings of disempowerment experienced by those who find themselves caught up in economic and political changes beyond their control. Although the world he presents is often bleak, his plays are also characterized by mordant black humour and an affectionate, sharp ear for the idiomatic English of South Wales.’

1985    ‘Over the Wall and Back Again’, Writer & Director Made in Wales,

1986    Duel at Twilight, Spectacle Theatre

1988    A Blow to Bute Street’, Sherman Theatre

1990    ‘The Best Years of Our Lives’, Made in Wales/Theatr Clwyd/Sherman

1991    The Valley of the Kings is a Community Play about Pontypridd

1994     ‘On the Road Again’, Hijinx Theatre, Wales & England Tour (published by Seren books)

1996     ‘Stairway to Heaven’, Hijinx Theatre, Wales & England Tour

1997     ‘Dangerous Acquaintances’  Hijinx Theatre, Wales & England Tour

1997    ‘Cradle to the Grave’   Welsh College of Music and Drama & Made in Wales. (published by Seren books)

2002            Angels Don’t Need Wings’ Hijinx Theatre 21st Anniversary production @ ShermanTheatre

2002                ‘More than just a Game’ -  Plymouth Theatre Royal, Young People’s Company

2004                ‘For Ever’ – Adaptation of Short Story – Plymouth Theatre Royal

2004                ‘Flowers from Tunisia’Theatr y Byd

2005                ‘If you can’t sing, stand at the back of the hall.’ - Plymouth Theatre Royal/York Theatre Royal & Unicorn Theatre, London                                                                        

2009                Stairway To Heaven On The Edge – tour.

2009               Gladiator – Spectacle Theatre /RCT Commssion – ongoing

2010            The Day Stanley Baker Died The Zulus Rapped on Llanwonno Mountain(Writer & Director) Mzansi Cymru showcase, Soar Centre, Penygraig      

2011                   Life on Robben Island (Writer & Director) – Unusual Stage School, Disability Arts Cymru + Valleys Kids collaboration: Mzansi Cymru, Glanfa Stage, WMC

2011            Flowers from Tunisia, Torch Theatre + Wales Tour

2011            ‘Torchbearers’ Showcase, (Writer & Director)  Zip Zap Circus,                    Cape Town, South Africa

2012               Torchbearers’ (Writer & Director)  Donald Gordon Theatre, WMC & Artscape Theatre, Cape Town, South Africa